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Want these great nature ringtones for your iPhone? Open iTunes on your iPhone and search "Wildtones". They're $1.29 each and download as a ringtone instantly!

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Love birds, animals and nature?

At Wildtones, we do too! We searched the world for the best bird, wild animal and nature ringtones, alerts and alarms for iPhone, and developed iPhone apps that bring you closer to nature.  If you and your kids want to learn more about the birds and animals around you, or just love having them around all the time, check out our apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And choose from over 60 bird call and wild animal ringtones, alerts and alarms made just for your iPhone; or select from dozens of tracks from our nature sound albums you can easily convert to mobile ringtones and alarms. No need for more hunting for the perfect way to bring nature to your Apple handheld device. Wildtones has what you need to have family fun with nature on your iPhone and iPad.  Best of all, when you buy something from Wildtones, we donate to a wildlife or animal charity. Not only can you have your favorite bird and wild animal sounds and calls with you all the time, you can also help with bird and animal conservation and research. So, what are you waiting for? Do some guilt free hunting and bag a few trophies for your mobile phone!

What our customers say...


At Wildtones we want you to have the bird call or nature ringtone you want for your iPhone.  We let our customers tell us what they want and think will be popular....and they are generally right!  This is from a customer who wanted a Bald eagle call ringtone. We thought it was a great idea and had it in iTunes within a couple of days:

The Eagle Ringtone was on the site this morning !!  I got it and I love it... thanks so much.  I am a      member of The Decorah Eagle Watchers in Iowa... and I definately will recommend this Ringtone to the other members.  Thanks for everything you did for me (us). DS

And hats off to Lynne, our customer service person, who got another special request for a Blue jay ringtone which took a little longer, but we wanted to have just the right one:

I wanted a particular ring tone. It reminded me of childhood and a home now gone and, for the feelings it evoked, I really wanted it. But to my sadness and frustration I couldn't seem to [find] it, so I contacted WildTones customer support. I just wanted to let you know I have never in my life had such great customer service. I'm so delighted to have that ring tone. In any other circumstance I would imagine I would simply have been told that the product was unavailable and that would be that. But Lynne ensured I got what I wanted. I think she's pretty amazing. And now, when people hear my phone "ring", their eyes get big and they begin to laugh. I get to tell them this great story about how I got it, and I imagine you've gotten a few more sales as a result. Lynne has done your company proud. - Sarah W.

We also like to help out where someone has a queston or problem,  Here are a few customers who let us know they appreciate it:

Thank you, Lynne for yr prompt response! It worked! I really appreciate your help, and Wildtones for having such good customer service. Thanks again - Elaine M.

I contacted Wildtones support. I am VERY HAPPY to let all know that they got back to me with in 24 hours and told me to reboot the iPod as that will often fix issues like I was having. After doing so, the application works perfect and my grand daughter and I had a great time listening to and learning about birds this past weekend.  Bravo for great customer service and a wonderful application! - Karl S., Durham, North Carolina

I did try to figure it out on the Apple site first, but got nowhere, so after 1/2 hour I e-mailed you guys. The procedure you recommended worked great...Thanks again! - Gary B.

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