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WildTones supports a variety of wildlife and animal related charities and we recommend the following organizations and know them all personally. Every time you buy a product at Wildtones, you're helping to support these organizations, as we donate a portion of our proceeds to them. So now when you go wild on your mobile phone, you're also making a difference!  We encourage you to also learn more about these organizations and join us in helping the work they do


The Alex Foundation

Since 1977, Dr. Irene Pepperberg, a leading pioneer in avian intelligence research, has run a groundbreaking research project in which she has developed training techniques which enable Grey parrots to produce, comprehend and use English speech appropriately - including labels for over 50 objects, seven colors, five shapes and quantities to six, concepts such as bigger/smaller, same/different, and absence. Her research has shown these birds are intellectually equivalent to a 6 year old child, and these same training techniques have also been effective when used with autistic children. Dr. Pepperberg and her birds did artificial intelligence research at the MIT Media Lab for several years and she is currently teaching at Harvard. Her research lab is at Brandeis University and is funded by private grants and donations

Audubon New York

Audubon New York is the state’s leading voice for the conservation and protection of natural resources for birds. Integrating science, conservation, policy and education, Audubon’s mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity. With 50,000 members and 27 affiliated chapters state-wide, Audubon New York oversees seven sanctuaries and centers, from Long Island to western New York, and protects priority habitats including more than 130 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) identified as critical for the conservation of birds.

Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund

Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund USA, was born out of the concern of its founder, Dr. Bill Jordan OBE, for the needless suffering inflicted by humans on animals. It is an effective international wildlife charity dedicated to protecting animals from cruelty and exploitation through promoting conservation, supporting anti-poaching legislation, education about animals and by encouraging the fostering and adopting of needy animals worldwide. Projects are funded around the world wherever help is needed.
Oceanites: The World's Antarctic Resource

Oceanites, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Ron Naveen as a nonprofit, science and educational foundation, to foster conservation of the world's oceans, islands, and their wildlife, as well as a better appreciation of the sensitive connections humans have to this watery globe. Its major scientific project which started in1994 is the Antarctic Site Inventory, funded by the National Science Foundation, private grants and International Antarctic Treaty groups with the purpose of giving scientists a baseline whereby to help measure the impact of tourism on Antarctic wildlife.
The Roar Foundation

Since 1983, Shambala, a unique eighty acre wildlife habitat founded by actress and conservationist Tippi Hedren, has provided a haven for endangered exotic big cats - many of them orphans, confiscated from illegal owners or cast-offs from circuses, zoos and private owners who could no longer care for them. The Roar Foundation supports The Shambala Preserve and shares its mission to educate the public about exotic animals, to advocate for legislation to protect them, and to provide sanctuary for exotic animals who have suffered from mistreatment and neglect so they can regain their physical and mental health and live their lives in dignity.

 International Primate Protection League

Primates are rapidly disappearing, with every primate species listed by CITES. Since its founding in 1973 by Dr. Shirley McGreal, The International Primate Protection League and its field representatives have worked on behalf of primates, including the creation and preservation of national parks and sanctuaries, establishing bans on primate hunting, trapping, and trade, and helping to intercept and end primate smuggling. IPPL has raised funds to help other sanctuaries provide a safe and enriching environment for primate victims of deforestation and poaching. There is a sanctuary for unwanted gibbons at IPPL headquarters.

International Crane Foundation

 Keeping Whooping Cranes Safe is a project of the International Crane Foundation to reduce human-caused mortality of Whooping Cranes. Despite having increased from fewer than 20 birds in the 1940's to around 600 in captivity and the wild today, the Whooping Crane is still among the rarest birds in North America. The survival of Whooping Cranes depends on the actions of people protecting the ecosystems where Whooping Cranes live and living in harmony with the birds. The Keeping Whooping Cranes Safe program raises awareness and pride in Whooping Cranes through fun, engaging activities in local communities.





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