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Yellow Warbler Bird Song iPhone Ringtone
Chloropeta natalensis
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iPhone Ringtone Description

The Yellow Warbler is aptly named—it is indeed the most yellow of the warblers. It also has the widest breeding range of all the wood warblers, and shows up in a variety of habitats. This is the only warbler you would see with yellow or whitish edges on its wing and tail feathers. Males are bright yellow with reddish streaks that run down the flanks and belly. A really good-looking male resembles a colorful lollipop!.

There are 43 subspecies of Yellow Warbler (wow!), but they can be broken down into three groups: the Northern Yellow Warbler, the Golden Warbler, and the Mangrove Warbler. They can be distinguished by variation in red streaking and the coloration of the head.

Yellow Warblers are active and energetic, and due to their bright color, they are usually one of the most visible warblers. They also spend a lot of time singing. Their song is emphatic and bright. They often sound like they are saying sweet sweet sweet I’m so SWEET!

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