About Wildtones

Wildtones is owned and run by Deborah Rivel and Robert Goodale.


Deborah has run her own company, Wildsight Productions, Inc., since 1991, which has focused on wildlife-related media, including shows for public television, Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet, and Canal Plus. Robert has been involved in the intersection of media and technology for many years, having most recently co-founded UltraStar Entertainment LLC with David Bowie in 1998, which was sold in 2006 to LiveNation.


Wildsight’s programs have focused on showing how individuals can make a difference in the lives of animals, as well as helping the public gain a better appreciation of animals. Wildsight has also encouraged support of these individuals and their not-for-profit endeavors and is furthering that purpose with Wildtones, where a portion of all profits will be donated to not-for-profit organizations focused on helping animals (you can see the specific organizations on the Supported Organizations page).

Wildtones and Birdtones are both marks of  Wildsight Productions, Inc.


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