Does This Baby Bird Need Help?

Does This Baby Bird Need Help?  
During nesting season, baby birds maybe found all over the place, and they often seem to need help.  But do they? Some chicks fall
Northern Cardinal fledgling
out of the nest and
really do need your help. But many, once they fledge, are on the ground for several days as their parents watch them and teach them how to fly. Picking up and moving a baby bird who is being looked after by his parents can be detrimental or even fatal to the bird. So how do you tell if the bird needs your help?
  • If the bird is feathered, seems healthy and alert and is alone on the ground, the parents are most likely hiding nearby and keeping watch over him on his maiden voyage, so your help is probably not needed.
  • If you have a dog or cat outside, immediately take them inside at least until the bird is flying, which should take a few days.
For more detailed information on what you should do if you see a baby bird on the ground, this article from Cornell Lab or Ornithology has more advice and practical information. Enjoy watching the birds in your yard!


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