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Have fun learning about a dozen favorite barnyard animals with top quality sound recordings and photographs created by professional wildlife photographers and sound recordists. Lead the animals in your own barnyard chorus by tapping once on any animal to hear his sound….or tap on a whole bunch and hear lots of them at once! Then, touch our gecko at the bottom of the page to go to the next screen where you can find out some fascinating info about all these animals that are familiar to us.

You’re still not done! You can play a timed and scored sliding image puzzle for each animal and also save his picture as a wallpaper. Drive your friends nuts with a chorale of crows, bleats, barks and clucks, or help your kids learn the sounds and some very cool stuff about the animals they can see at a farm and info on humane farming. This iPhone farm animal application by WildTones will certainly keep kids busy for a long time and is a fun educational tool that is engaging for all ages.

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