How to Download Our Ringtones For iPhone or Other Smartphones

Our bird and widlife calls and songs will sound great on any smartphone as your ringtone, for your text alerts or as an alarm.  All of our 100+ ringtones can be easily downloaded to iPhones and used immediately, and many of our sounds are available as tracks which can be made into ringtones for any smartphone.  Here's how: 

If you have an iPhone you can only download our ringtones from iTunes using your iPhone

1 - On your iPhone, open the iTunes app.
2 - In the app, search for "Wildtones" and the name of the ringtone you want...or just search "Wildtones" and you will see a selection of over 100 of our available ringtones
3 - Scroll to "Ringtones" in iTunes and select the ringtone you want for $1.29.
4 - When you purchase the ringtone from your iPhone in this way, it will automatically show up in your iPhone's sounds folder ( Settings>Sounds) where you can assign it as a ringtone, alarm, text message - whatever you want!

It's that easy! And the ringtone will be yours to use on all consecutive iPhones you have at no additional charge.

If you have a smartphone other than an iPhone

1 - Go to iTunes from your handset and search for "Wildtones".
2 - Scroll down to "Songs" and select the sound you want for .99
3 - Once you have purchased the sound, you can convert it to a ringtone with a free app such as Ringtone Creator which will convert the track to a ringtone and put it on your handset so you can assign it as a ringtone, text alert or alarm

Our nature sound tracks are also available on Amazon and can be purchased there and converted in the same way as above.

Still have questions? Please let us know how we can help so you can have the nature sounds you want on your phone!


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