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Thanks for purchasing one of our iPhone ringtones, applications or our nature sound albums! If you are having any problems with the application or have questions about buying or creating ringtones, please check our FAQ’s below. If you still don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us at support@wildtones.com.

Please use our apps and sounds responsibly They have extremely high quality sounds and can be disruptive to birds and wildlife if misused.  We recommend following the Code of Ethics by the American Birding Association.


Do your apps work on a Touch as well as an iPhone? How about an iPad?

Yes!  All our apps and sounds will work on any iPhone,  iPod Touch or iPad. 

I just downloaded the app and it hangs up or crashes. How can I fix this?

Sounds like you need to do a hard reboot!   Its easy - just try this:  Hold down the on/off button at the top of your device and the circle below the screen at the same time until the red line appears.  Pull the red line across the screen and your device will turn off.  Once it is off, turn it back on and all the gremlins that were causing the problems should have been sent away. 

If not, uninstall and reinstall the application.

If that still does not fix the problem, then please contact us and let us know (1) which application you have and (2) on which device it is operating.

I'm unable to hear the sounds after I downloaded the app.  What should I do?

First, make sure the mute switch on the top left of your iPhone (right side of your iPad) does not show the red or orange dot.  If it does show the dot, then slide the switch so the dot is no longer showing.  If you see the color, then the sounds on your device have been muted. 

Also, make sure the sound settings are high enough by clicking the top of the rocker button, located below the sound switch on the left of the iPhone (right of the iPad). If you do this while pressing the sound button on the app, it will adjust the device sounds.   And go into the Settings section of your handset and make sure the sound volumes are set high.

Some models of the iTouch will only play sound through a headset.  If you are still unable to hear the sounds after adjusting the volume settings, please check to see if you can hear the sounds through your headset. 

I’ve downloaded the application, but can’t seem to locate it.  What should I do?

Did you purchase the app from your phone or your computer?  The app appears on whichever unit you purchased it from and will transfer to the other once you synch the iPhone or Touch and your computer.  If you bought the app through iTunes using your computer you will need to synch your device to the computer to get the app onto your device. This process is the same for any app that you buy.

Have you synch'd your iPhone, iPad or Touch since purchasing our app? If so, look on your device and see if our icon is already there. If it was synch'd correctly, you will see the  icon on the home screen of the handset.  Depending on how many apps you already have on your handset, it might appear on the second page of the home screen.  If the icon is not there, then you may need to adjust your synch settings or your device may not be synching properly.  If you still need help downloading your app. you may need to contact Apple or consult your User Guide for further assistance with synching. You can find the User Guide here:  http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/iPod_touch_Features_Guide.pdf

I have some ideas that I think would make your applications better. How can I tell you about them?

We love to hear from our customers with helpful ideas to make our apps better. In fact, every upgrade we have offered has in it things that have come directly from our customers who tell us what they think might be done better. We welcome constructive advice from customers as we want our apps to be fun and useful. Oh, and by the way…if you like what you see, you can also tell us! Just email us at support@wildtones.com.



We have dozens of the most popular bird and animal calls made especially for your iPhone. The easiest way to get our ringtones on your iPhone is to go to your iPhone and launch iTunes.

Look for this icon:  

Once you are in iTunes, you should search for “Wildtones” and you will see all the ringtones we currently have available for iPhone.  These are all pre-formatted and sell for $1.29, so you don’t need to do anything to make them work, and there are no other charges.



We have many tracks of great bird and animal calls on our abums.  If there is a sound you want as a ringtone, you can create one yourself.  It's not difficult to do, but to make it really easy, get one of the free apps from iTunes like Ringtone Maker, and let the app do all the work for you.



If you don’t see exactly the one you are looking for, let us know!  You can contact us at support@wildtones.com and tell us exactly what you are looking for.  We create new ringtones regularly, and want to hear from you if there is something special you want.  We cannot make any guarantees that we will be able to offer it, but many of our most popular ringtones were special requests from our customers.  So, don't be shy -- let us know what we are missing!


We really want to keep in touch with you and want to hear about your birding experiences!

If you want to know more about our products and new releases, please sign up for our newsletter on our home page, or contact us at support@wildtones.com and ask us to sign you up!

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