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Wild About Birds!

The perfect iPhone and iPad app for beginning birders of any age
Do your kids ask questions about the birds in your backyard -- wish you had the answers? Do you wonder what birds you see at your feeders or on your walks? Wild About Birds! is the app for you. Perfect for kids, families and beginning birders of any age, for $1.99 Wild About Birds! is loaded with 40 species of birds commonly found in backyards in the US and Canada. Taking a walk in the woods or near a lake or field?With 3 more habitats to buy in the app featuring 20+ new birds each, you can get 108 birds in 4 habitats.

We created an easy to use app that not only gives you all the beautiful bird calls, photos, range, and identification info you expect, but also makes you look at birds in a way that will develop your skill of identification. Wild About Birds! has a game that lets you find the identifying features yourself by looking at the birds visual details. And, we show both where to look for the bird spatially as well as the one key identifier that, once you see it, you know you have that bird. Plus, we have fun facts about each bird and a really fun way of keeping track of the birds you've seen with an interactive scrapbook that shows the birds you have seen and lets you play their songs directly from the scrapbook list. Wild About Birds! is a great way to get started birding and to involve the whole family.

  • Search the list of available birds by common or Latin name, or by habitat.
  • Each bird has 2 beautiful photos - male and female or, when the birds look alike, 2 different views - photographed by wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela.
  • Each bird has a variety of calls recorded by Stan Tekiela.
  • Play the game to find all the identifying features of each bird by finding the identification hotspots or ... just ask the app to show you how to identify the bird! This is a great way to sharpen your identification skills and learn what's important to look for in each bird.
  • Learn cool, fun facts about each bird - you might be surprised by what you find out!
  • Add the birds you see to your checklist -- an interactive scrapbook. Each scrapbook listing includes the bird's name, image, and call. Touch the bird's picture to hear the call, or touch lots of birds to make them all call at once! You can also ask the app to let your Facebook friends know when you have seen a new bird.
  • Like shortcuts? Touch the Key to find a key identifying feature for each bird.
  • Touch Where to learn where each bird likes to hang out so you look in the right spot for the best shot at a sighting.

Once you start looking for birds, you'll want to see and learn even more. A super-easy way to help spot more birds is to get our habitat packs, which you can buy in the app. Each pack has at least 20 new birds in it and is just 99¢. All new birds included in the habitat appear automatically in your search list, are part of the identification game and are ready to be added to your scrapbook. And, all the birds that live in more than one habitat, will appear in the app in all the habitats in which they live. As you add new habitats, the number of birds in each habitat list will grow!

Choose from these habitats:

BACKYARD - All 40 popular birds you might find in your backyard and at your feeders are included in the app. Woodpeckers, songbirds, doves and more - even the lurking hawk!  This one comes with the app!
FIELDS AND EDGES - Add this habitat for 22 new birds including 2 BONUS BIRDS! Grasslands, prairies, fields, cliffs, and forest edges have lots of amazing birds! Included are beautiful songbirds, owls, hawks, and more!
LEAFY FORESTS - Add this habitat and get 22 new birds - including 2 BONUS BIRDS! Get the most commonly found birds in deciduous forests (forests with leafy trees), like woodpeckers, owls, songbirds, game birds.
LAKES AND MARSHES - Add this habitat to get 24 new birds - including 4 BONUS BIRDS! Some of the most interesting and easiest-to-see birds in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico live in lakes, rivers, streams, and freshwater marshes and swamps. Their quacks and honks will help you discover some of the most popular ducks, geese, swans, wading birds, kingfishers, and other freshwater birds.

 Grab your gear and see how many birds you can find!



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Wild Animals Wildtones iPhone Application

Give your iPhone the call of the wild with our Wild Animals app. See, hear and learn about twelve of your favorite wild animals – from wolves to bald eagles, cougars, elk, rattlers and more! All our high quality images and sounds are captured by professional wildlife photographers and sound recordists so you can experience the sensation of being in the wilderness with some of the best known wild animals in North America.

On our first screen, tap any of the twelve images to hear the sound of the animal. Tap a handful at once and it sounds like…well the howls, snarls, rattles and yips will really get your attention – and get YOU attention! Select the animal you want from our first screen and then touch our gecko at the bottom of the page to go to an image of the animal. Like puzzles? You can play a timed sliding puzzle of each animal from this screen and also save the image as a wallpaper.

Think you know a lot about wild animals? Check out our descriptions and learn even more! It’s an engaging way for your kids to learn about wildlife and there are suggestions for simple things any of us can do for conservation and appreciation of wildlife. There is something for everyone with this app – kids, adults, hunters, gameplayers, nature lovers. If you like wild animals, this app is a home run for you! 

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Farm Animals Wildtones iPhone Application


Have fun learning about a dozen favorite barnyard animals with top quality sound recordings and photographs created by professional wildlife photographers and sound recordists. Lead the animals in your own barnyard chorus by tapping once on any animal to hear his sound….or tap on a whole bunch and hear lots of them at once! Then, touch our gecko at the bottom of the page to go to the next screen where you can find out some fascinating info about all these animals that are familiar to us.

You’re still not done! You can play a timed and scored sliding image puzzle for each animal and also save his picture as a wallpaper. Drive your friends nuts with a chorale of crows, bleats, barks and clucks, or help your kids learn the sounds and some very cool stuff about the animals they can see at a farm and info on humane farming. This iPhone farm animal application by WildTones will certainly keep kids busy for a long time and is a fun educational tool that is engaging for all ages.

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Wild About Birds!

The perfect iPhone and iPad app for beginning birders of any age

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