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Issue: # 7 September 2008  
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BIG NEWS! Now Wildtones supports ringtones and wallpapers on over 2000 phones and more major US carriers!
A big "Thanks!" to all our customers who submitted a phone for consideration. We heard you! Because we received so many requests for new phones and additional carriers for our wildlife and bird ringtones and wallpapers, we have spent the past several months working to get what you wanted. And, now we support over 2000 phones - including many of the hottest phones and smart phones - and even more major carriers. So if your phone was not supported before, please check out the hundreds of wild animal and bird ringtones and wallpapers on Wildtones.com and start shopping! There's a good chance you can now get just what you've been looking for on your cellphone.
We have also added a very simple checkout process to make your shopping experience easier. You will no longer be asked to enter your credit card information or select your phone. Instead, you will just need to know your phone number and carrier, and the ringtones and wallpapers you purchase will be charged directly to your mobile phone bill.
In addition, Wildtones.com is offering faster delivery. So, there should be no waiting for the ringtones and wallpapers you order. Here's how it works:
  • Make your selection from our hundreds of wildlife ringtones and wallpapers.
  • You can buy one at a time, or take advantage of our new special discounted packages for multiple purchases (see below).
  • After you check out, within a few seconds you will receive a text message from us confirming that you want to buy the ringtone or wallpaper you ordered.
  • If you text back "Y" you will receive another text message with a link to the item you purchased, and the charge will automatically appear on your mobile phone bill.
Please remember that you must have Internet access and text messaging enabled on your phone or there will be no way for us to get anything to you! So, please make sure you have this working before you make your purchase.
We want to thank you for your business and let you know how much we appreciate your letting us know what you want! Please visit Wildtones.com, check out our new systems and let us know what you think!
And don't forget that we send a percentage of our sales to our supported animal-related charities.
Great Discount Packages  

Now get more ringtones and wallpapers for less

Since so many of our customers order more than a couple of ringtones and wallpapers, we thought it might be nice if we gave a special price break for those bigger orders. So, if you find a number of items on our site that interest you, or you are looking to get ringtone ID's for your individual callers, here are our new prices for multiple purchases so you can load your phone with great wild sounds and get good savings.
Buy any combination of 3 ringtones and/or wallpapers for $7.99......a $8.97 value - save 12%
Buy any combination of 4 ringtones and/or wallpapers for $9.99......a $11.96 value - save 20%
Stop by soon and save when you buy several real animal and bird ringtones and wallpapers for your cellphone at Wildtones.com. At these prices you can change your ringtones, wallpapers and alerts whenever the mood strikes.

April bar

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase multiple items with our special discounted packages, you will receive the items one at a time. After you download the first one, you will receive a thank you message and then the rest of the items will arrive one at a time in short intervals until you have received them all.
Verizon is coming!  
Attention Verizon customers! As you may know, we suspended Verizon service several months ago as the Verizon network was not reliably delivering our product. However, we have been approved by Verizon for a new arrangement which will provide immediate delivery of your order. So Verizon customers please hang in there! We are just waiting for them to give us our date to go live. We'll let you know as soon as that happens!
New Carriers and Hot New Phones  
Now select from a our growing list of carriers and phones

Our list of carriers now includes:

ATT/CingularPalm Centro

Cellular One *** NEW!!


And now you can get your favorite nature and animal ringtones and wallpapers on thousands of phones - including some of the hottest new phones and smart phones as well as long time favorites including:

LG VuBlackberry PearlLG Vu
Blackberry Pearl
Motorola Z9
Palm Centro
...and many, many more!
Help Animal Charities  
Who says you can't help out with your cellphone?

Due to wireless carrier regulations, we can no longer offer our special donation packs, and we are very sorry for this. But, you can rest assured that we will continue to give a percentage of our income to the animal-related charities we support. We encourage you to check out the great work these charities do. We like them a lot and ask you to please support their work:

The Alex Foundation
International Primate
Protection League
Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund
The Roar Foundation


Many thanks to you for shopping with us and helping our supported animal charities. Enjoy the new Wildtones.com! Deb Rivel and Bob Goodale


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