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Issue: # 10 November 2008  
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At Wildtones we have some great wild autumn sounds and images for your cellphone.  Make a real statement with a Bull elk bugle or Wild turkey gobble.  How about a flock of Canada geese or a Mallard duck as your ringer?  Wildtones has hundreds of wild sounds and images just right for the season and your phone.   
In this newsletter, we are excited to introduce a new wireless product found exclusively at Wildtones - the  Peterson Mobile Field Guide to Backyard Birds. Plus we have some new cool ringtones and wallpapers on our site.
So read on and visit us often!  We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Wildtones!
Have you wondered which bird is munching your sunflower seeds or feeding on the ground under the feeder?  Or trying to eat the birds at the feeder?  
If so, you have probably run into the other room to get Peterson 3 phonesyour field guide only to discover that there are so many brown birds in the book you couldn't decide which one was the one that just flew off your feeder;  or that hawk looks just like the one on this page...and both of them on the next page. 
If you are one of these people, we have a terrific new way to easily identify the birds you often see.  Working with America's best known field guide, we have created peterson logothe Peterson Mobile Field Guide to Backyard Birds.  Now you can take all the guesswork and endless page flipping out of identifying the birds in your backyard and have the information you need on your mobile phone. 
When you see that unidentified bird, now you can grab your cellphone, and the Peterson Mobile Field Guide will show you the 20 most common birds in your zip code.  Chances are that you will find the exact bird in the list. No more leafing through page after page of birds that all look alike.  This guide will sort though the most common US birds and give you a choice of the most likely candidates at your feeder. 
Peterson WAP details 320Not only will you be able to see the beautiful Peterson images, but you also get the range map for each bird, and a descriptive text which will also tell you how to attract that bird to your feeder.  In addition, if your phone streams sound, you will also be able to hear what each bird sounds like! Try doing that with a book! 
You always have your phone with you, so you will always have your personal field guide with you. 
All you need is a cellphone and access to the Internet from your cellphone and you can start identifying those birds right away!  It doesn't matter which carrier you have. 
For one low price every monthyou can have access to an easy method of bird identification.  Just enter in your zip code to access the images, sounds, text  and maps as much as you like.  Traveling?  You can enter in the zip code of where you are going and see the birds in that area - all for under $3 per month. 
peterson logoCheck out how the Peterson Mobile Field Guide to Backyard Birds works on our site and sign up now for your first month.  You will be amazed at how quickly you start to learn the names and calls of the birds at your feeder when you have easy identification at your fingertips.  
New Ringtones and Wallpapers  
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Stand out in a crowd or have fun with your kids with our new farm animals ringtones and wallpapers.
With an oink oink here and a bleat bleat there; here a honk, there a bray everywhere a crow crow.  Now you can make your phone sound like something that would make Old MacDonald envious.
All your favorite farm animals images and their sounds have just arrived at Wildtones and are waiting for you to round them up.  From adorable sheep bleating to donkeys braying.  Don't be shy - get all of our farm animals wallpapers and ringtones.  They make great ringtone ID's and are a fun way for you and your kids to learn about their favorite barnyard critters.   
And, check out the interesting stuff about them.  Did you know that chickens are affectionate?  That pigs use mud as a spa?  That sheep are environmentally friendly lawnmowers? Visit Wildtones.com and check out our farm animals.  With our discounted prices for multiple purchases, you can get an entire barnyard on your phone for peanuts.   
Great Discount Packages  
Now get more ringtones and wallpapers for less 
If you want to load your phone with lots of wildlife ringtones and wallpapers, we have the right deal for you. Great new prices await you for multiple purchases so you can load your phone with great wild sounds and get good savings. 

Buy any combination of 3 ringtones and/or wallpapers for $7.99......a $8.97 value  - save 12%
Buy any combination of 4 ringtones and/or wallpapers for $9.99......a $11.96 value  - save 20%
Stop by soon and save when you buy several real animal and bird ringtones and wallpapers for your cellphone at Wildtones.com. At these prices you can change your ringtones, wallpapers and alerts and not give a hoot.

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PLEASE NOTE:  When you purchase multiple items with our special discounted packages, you will receive the items one at a time.  After you download the first one, you will receive a thank you message and then the rest of the items will arrive one at a time in short intervals until you have received them all. 
Help Animal Charities  
Who says you can't help out with your cellphone?
Due to wireless carrier regulations, we can no longer offer our special donation packs, and we are very sorry for this.  But, you can rest assured that we will continue to give a percentage of our income to the animal-related charities we support.  We encourage you to check out the great work these charities do.  We like them a lot and ask you to please support their work:  
Many thanks for shopping with us and helping our supported animal charities. Enjoy the new Wildtones.com!  Deb Rivel and Bob Goodale 


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