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Peterson Field Guide
to Backyard Birds
is Now on the iPhone
Issue: # 12 December 2008  
title Now thePeterson Field Guide - America's popular field guide to birds - isavailable as an iPhone app
Wildtones has teamedwith Peterson Field Guides - America's popular and originalfield guide - to produce the first published field guide for birdscreated especially for the iPhone - using the authoritativePeterson art, maps, and descriptive text plus identifying bird calls.

In celebration ofthe one hundredth anniversary of Roger Tory Peterson's birthand the publication of his invaluable field guide, Wildtones is proudto offer this groundbreaking special edition Peterson Field Guideto Backyard Birds for the iPhone-the first iPhone field guide appto make those identifications simple by narrowing down the birds to theones most common to your area. Plus thePeterson Field Guide offers a fun and simple way to learn more aboutthe birds you are seeing with quizzes so you canlearn to identify birds by both sound and sight.
You love using your PetersonField Guide to learn more about the birds around you. And whynot? For over 70 years it has set the standard for bird field guides. But with somany pages full of birds that don't occur in your area, how can youquickly and easily identify the ones at your feeder? Now you can get personalizedgeographic bird identification information from the country's premier bird-watching resourcedirectly on your iPhone.
Intuitiveand easy to operate, the app provides your iPhone withinformation on 122 species of birds commonly found in the U.S., filteredfor the geographic area you select. Using the authoritativePeterson paintings, maps, and text, along with beautifullyrecorded birdsongs and challenging identificationquizzes, you will be identifying and learning more about thebirds around you in no time! Great for kids and woodpecker range mapadults alike, thisapp is an excellent resource that uses the high-qualityimages, maps, and text from the Peterson Field Guides inconjunction with the uniquecapabilities of the iPhone.
Here's what you willget:
  • Petersonbird images with Peterson Identification System arrowspointing to key field marks - pinch to make them biggerfor greater detail
  • Petersonrange maps you can pinch to enlarge
  • Peterson'sdescriptive text, including information on attracting specificbirds titleto your backyard
  • Beautifullyrecorded birdsongs and calls
  • Quizzes using the birdsongs and Peterson artto help you identify birds by both their songs and by sight, includingscores and correct answers
  • Personalchecklist so you can keep track of all the birds you have seen
  • Filteringof the most popular birds by geographic area so you can choosefrom the most commonly found birds in that area, making identificationa breeze
  • Ability to selectany 2 digit zip code in the continental U.S. and see 20 of themost commonly found birds in it, then change to another zip code andlearn more

"Roger Tory Petersonwas an innovator, as evidenced by the publication of his groundbreakingField Guide to the Birds in 1934. If he were a young birder today, hesurely would have been at the forefront of birding technology,embracing the digital possibilities available to us now," says LisaWhite, director of guidebooks at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing."His mission was to educate as many people as possible about nature,and the availability of his work on a mobile platform through Wildtonesserves to further that goal and carry on his legacy."

Check out the Peterson Field Giude oniTunes now!

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iPhoneAnimal Apps by Wildtones

Want to have some fun learningabout animals with your iPhone? Have fun with your friends and familywith our Wildtones animals apps.
You already know your iPhone is muchmore than a iphone farm mainphone. Now have funand learn more about animals with your friends and family with our new WildtonesiPhone apps. Have a real barnyard experience with Farm Animals Wildtones;get the call of the wild with our Wild Animals Wildtones;or snuggle up to some really adorable baby animals with Wild Baby Animals Wildtones.
Here's what you get:
    • Highquality sound recordings of 12 of your favorite animals madeby a professional wildlife sound recordists - play one at a time orlots of them at once for an animal chorus
    • Greatpictures of each animal shot by professional wildlifephotographers
    • Fascinatingin depth information on each animal you can use to learn orplay games
    • Timedsliding puzzle for each animal - these are fun and not alwayseasy to do!
    • Ability to saveeach animals' image to your phone as a wallpaper
iphone wild wolf textSomeof our customers tell us that they use the descriptions as the basis ofa game to play with friends. One person takes cluesfrom the sounds or text for each animal and the others guess whichanimal it is. It's a great way to engage your kids in learning moreabout the animals, plus they will also learn about conservation andhumane farming.
iphone baby fox puzzle
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In the News  
Alex and Me
In our last issue we had a "New York Times" review ofthe book written by Dr. Irene Pepperberg who runs the AlexFoundation - a pioneering 30 year research project into the intelligenceof African Grey parrots and one of the charities we support. This book about her life and work with Alex the African Grey Parrot iscalled "Alex and Me", and the great reviews continueto roll in.
Book review:
"Alex& Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Uncovered a Hidden World ofAnimal Intelligence - and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process" By IreneM. Pepperberg"
Published: December 1, 2008

alex foundation
Help Animal Charities  
Who says you can't help out with yourcellphone?
Due to wireless carrier regulations, we can nolonger offer our special donation packs, and we are very sorryfor this. But, you can rest assured that we will continue togive a percentage of our income to the animal-related charitieswe support. We encourage you to check out the great work thesecharities do. We like them a lot and ask you to pleasesupport their work:
HappyHolidays from all of us at Wildtones!


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