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A New Look For Wildtones,
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Issue: # 13 March 2009
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Wildtones has a whole new look with lots of ringtones and wallpapers for your cellphone and all kinds of cool things for your iPhone and Touch.
Visit Wildtones.com to take a look at our new easy-to-navigate website with a whole new look. You will have right at your fingertips our most popular animal and nature ringtones for your cell phone and a special section for our popular iPhone apps and ringtones. And, you can still easily find out fun facts and conservation information about your favorite animals by clicking on their descriptions.

We also have a new even more simplified delivery system with 24/7 customer service courtesy of our friends at Thumbplay. You can either subscribe and get 10 downloads for $9.99 or choose your favorite Wildtones new ringtones pageringtones or wallpapers and download them one at a time for $2.99. If you choose the subscription you can select from anything in the Thumbplay catalogue including the Wildtones ringtones and wallpapers you see on our site. So check out what we have at Wildtones.com and go wild on your cellphone now.

Too many choices? We can help! Some of the most popular ringtones right now are our Northern mockingbird, Cougar snarl and Bull elk bugle. Want a cool nature wallpaper for your phone? How about our White-tailed deer or our adorable Baby orangutan?

Visit the new Wildtones.com now and start shopping for great wild animal and nature ringtones and wallpapers for your cellphone. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Now Get iPhone Animal and Nature Ringtones
iPhone Ringtone bar
Get your favorite animal sounds as ringtones on your iPhone with our new Wildtones iPhone ringtones tracks

Wishing you could make your iPhone howl, bugle, sing or bray when it rings? Now you can get those same great Wildtones ringtones on your iPhone everyone else has for their phone. Wildtones has nearly three dozen cool bird and animal sounds you can convert to a ringtone for your iPhone. Just go to the iTunes store where you will find the Wildtones CD's with animal sound tracks that make great ringtones for your iPhone.
Check out our Wildtones iPhone ringtones page now and start loading up on your favorite animal and nature ringtones for your iPhone. You can buy the entire CD or individual tracks for .99. Then you can convert them to iPhone ringtones. How about having your phone ring with a flock of Canada geese honking or a Cougar snarl, a chicken clucking or maybe a pack of coyote pups howling?

To see more of what's going on at Wildtones for iPhone, read on and be sure to visit Wildtones.com for more updates!
Exclusive Peterson iPhone App Makes Bird Identification Simple
title Make identification of the birds in your backyard simple with Wildtones' exclusive Peterson Field Guide App for your iPhone or Touch.

Do you like watching or feeding birds but have trouble figuring out which ones are visiting your backyard or neighborhood? Simplify your life and get our Peterson iPhone App for Backyard Birds.

Wildtones has teamed up with the well-respected Peterson Field Guide. Together we built a unique iPhone app to help you learn about and identify 122 of the most commonly found birds in the US. You always have your iPhone handy, so put it to work! Search the famous Peterson images with identifying arrows for easy identification as found in the Peterson book, the Peterson range maps and easy to understand text including ways to attract birds to your feeders. Plus we added crystal clear bird calls so you can instantly hear a variety of calls made by each bird.
We eliminated having to look at page after page of birds that all look similar by listing the most commonly found birds in each zip code. Identification is4 bird quiz so much easier because your Peterson iPhone app has done the work for you! No more guessing if the bird you think you saw is the right one. The zip code list has already eliminated the birds that you would not see and automatically gives you a list of the most likely candidates.

Plus, you can add the birds you see to your checklist which will grow as you continue to learn about the birds at your feeders, in your neighborhood and wherever you travel in the US. You will learn quickly about all 122 commonly found US birds in this exclusive app by taking our quizzes. Want to learn to identify birds just by their songs? You can select "Songs" and get 10 bird calls with multiple choice answers. Want sounds and images for easy sight identification? Select "Assorted" and you will be given the chance to identify different birds by sound or image.

You already have spent a lot on birdseed to get those feathered friends to your backyard, and a lot more on binoculars so you can see them. For another $2.99 you can make the process of bird identification both fun and simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the iTunes store and get the Peterson iPhone Field Guide to Backyard Birds now. It's offered only by Wildtones for your iPhone or Touch.

woodpecker range map
In the News  
Alex and Me
Dr. Irene Pepperberg who runs the Alex Foundation - a pioneering 30 year research project into the intelligence of African Grey parrots and one of the charities we support - has written a book about her life and work with Alex the African Grey Parrot. The book is called "Alex and Me", and it is receiving a lot of acclaim including being honored with a Christopher Award which recognizes media that reminds audiences and readers of their power to make a difference in their communities and the world-at-large. Thank you for your inspiring work, Irene and Alex.

Check out this great review of the book from the International Herald Tribune.
Dr. Irene Pepperberg

Read the International Herald Tribune Review of "Alex and Me"

alex foundation
Help Animal Charities  
Who says you can't help out with your cellphone?
Due to wireless carrier regulations, we can no longer offer our special donation packs, and we are very sorry for this. But, you can rest assured that we will continue to give a percentage of our income to the animal-related charities we support. We encourage you to check out the great work these charities do. We like them a lot and ask you to please support their work:
Many thanks for shopping with us and helping our supported animal charities. We hope you enjoy the new Wildtones.com! Deb Rivel and Bob Goodale


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