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Birds of Prey    
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New York, NY - Prowling throughout the day - and some in the dead of night - their visual acuity is eight times better than that of humans. They pierce the flesh of their victims in an instant, hide in trees, navigate plains and dive at speeds of over 200 mph - some even have the capability to plunge into water and pluck out an unsuspecting target.
        These high-soaring carnivores are now available up close on iPhone.  Peterson Field Guides®and present Birds of Prey, a brand-new iPhone app featuring 65 birds of prey, with content taken directly from the current Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America, the world's foremost birding resource. Bird watchers, hikers, scout leaders, and others who purchase the app, available through Apple iTunes, will simultaneously be doing a good deed by helping The Peregrine Fund.  Five percent of all sales of the Birds of Prey app will be donated by to help protect birds of prey. 
        For $2.99, iPhone users will enjoy overhead views and silhouettes, range maps, text, audio and visual quizzes, and a range of clear bird calls and sounds from 59 of the featured raptors. 
        "We are thrilled to be working with Wildtones and their new Peterson iPhone app Birds of Prey," says Pete Jenny, president of The Peregrine Fund.  "We are confident that birders, conservation advocates and anyone interested in raptors will find the application not only invaluable as a tool, but as a way to increase awareness and contributions to The Peregrine Fund."
        Just in time to celebrate the debut of Birds of Prey, babyperegrines come to life and can be seen up close via the Peregrine Falcon webcam in Boise, Idaho. To see the new hatchlings, go to
Accipiters, vultures, nighthawks, kites, buteos, owls, eagles and falcons rest in the palm of your hand with Birds of Prey. With 51.3 million bird watchers in the United States
alone (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2006 survey), birding is America's number-one outdoor activity. founder Deborah Rivel has already introduced four other wildlife iPhone applications-the Peterson Field Guide to Backyard Birds, Farm Animals, Baby Wild Animals and Wild Animals-all with the same high-quality sounds, images, and information, putting nature on call with enough to keep the entire family busy, educated, and conservation-minded throughout the summer.
        "What a fun app! Birds of prey are a universally fascinating group of birds, and with this app, you can easily look them up quickly and get helpful information. Peterson's classic paintings, range information, vocalizations at the touch of a button-all this, plus a checklist function and quizzes -- this app is a bargain," says Lisa White, director of guidebooks, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing.
        Wildtones® is a division of Wildsight Productions, Inc., which was founded in 1991 by Deborah Rivel, internationally acclaimed wildlife film producer and director. Headquartered in New York, Wildsight Productions has a mission to promote human understanding of wildlife and the environment through the media using sound, images, and film-the goal being to inform, entertain, and enlighten.
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Deborah Rivel, founder of Wildsight Productions, Inc. and, has a dedicated, prestigious, and noteworthy background of working on behalf of animals and conservation through animal-related television and film projects, including the documentary Life with Big Cats: Tippi Hedren and Shambala, coproduced with Discovery's Animal Planet Channel and Canal Plus, and a series of six wildlife programs for U.S. public television that focused on human/animal relationships. Wildsight programs have won numerous accolades, including seven Emmy Awards, three International Chris Awards, and several Genesis Awards for their support of animal rights in the media.


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