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Issue: # 20
December 2009
We're crowing about it! The Christian Science Monitor Gift Guide features our Peterson Bird Identification Ringtones as great holiday gifts for 2009

Here's what they have to say:


2009 Gift Guide

Monitorpicks for TV, movies, music, and games.Praire_Marsh_shore

from the December 7, 2009 edition


Wildtones.com: Peterson Bird ID Ringtones

So when your cellphone rings, your mom's a loon and your dad's a duck, butwhat if you want your brother to be a screech owl or a sharp-shinned hawk?Wildtones.com and Peterson Field Guide have come together to solve your aviancellphone issues with seven collections of more than 80 bird calls. Let yourcellphone sing out as you choose from one of these bird categories: extreme(wacky), favorite forest (haunting), prairie and marsh (medley), water's edge(honking), Canadian (wild), popular backyard (familiar), and songbirds(pretty). For iPhones, it's 99 cents for a call. For other phones it is $2.99each.

How great is it to give a fun gift to someone who loves birds ornature?  You know they will love it and these gifts will make you look likea hero for very little money.  Look no farther for the perfect stocking stuffer.  Check them all out at Wildtones.com.
Gift Peterson Ringtones To Your iPhone Friends
Gift some cool bird calls from iTunes this season
Give your iPhone friends a gift that will keep reminding them of you every time their phone rings.  You can gift bird call tracks  from seven different Peterson Bird Identification Ringtone albums in iTunes at .99 each, or go crazy and spend $9.99 and gift the whole album of 12 tracks. Each track can be made into a ringtone or ringtone ID through iTunes for .99 each.

Any one who is a birdwatcher or just likes having nature around will love getting any of our albums or tracks as gifts.  Get everything from a Black-capped Chickadee to a Scarlet Tanager in Popular Songbirds: get a Song Sparrow in  Favorite Forest Birds; who can resist the happy Carolina Wren in Backyard Birds?   Look for favorite Prairie and Marsh Birds like the Eastern Meadowlark as well as birds you find at the Waters Edge like the Kildeer. Plus, favorite birds like the Canada Goose and Common Loon are in our Canadian Birds album.
Here are some of our albums and their ringtones:

Peterson_Backyard   Peterson_Extreme  Peterson_Songbirds  Peterson_Forest

Backyard Birds        Extreme Birds     Songbirds     Favorite Forest Birds

Check out the Peterson Bird Identification Ringtones Albums page on our site for more information and to see all the albums and ringtones we have to offer! 
Peterson Bird ID Ringtones for Cellphones
Peterson_Wildtones_logo My best friend is a Loon!

Whether you have a cellphone on T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T or any of a number of other carriers, you can get any of our Peterson Bird Identification Ringtones on your phone.  Just check out our collections on WildTones.com and choose from dozens of different birds.

If you like songbirds, try a Carolina Wren for mom. The beautiful Pine Warbler is perfect for your sweetheart when she calls.  Want to learn more about the birds at your feeder?  Get the Blue Jay as the ringtone ID for your best friend and when your phone rings you will learn a number of their most common calls. Want to learn more about the birds in the forest? Get the sounds of a dozen familiar birds from Canada like the Snow Goose. Each ringtone runs up to 30 seconds and is available for a one time cost of $2.99.

Whether you have Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or any of a number of other major US carriers you can have the full range of Peterson Bird Identification Ringtones for your favorite callers. Browse our Bird Identification Ringtone collections to find the right Peterson Bird Identification Ringtones for your phone.

Help Animal Charities When You Shop at Wildtones
This holiday season join us in helping animals

Wildtones continues to give a percentage of our income to the animal-related charities we support.  We like them a lot and encourage you to check out the great work these charities do and support them, too.  Now is the season to be generous with those who need your help - please consider  donating to these charities this holiday season:  
The Alex Foundation

Roger Tory Peterson Institute (receives donation for purchases of all Peterson mobile products)

The Peregrine Fund (receives 5% for all purchases of Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Prey iPhone app)
Happy Giving and Happy Holidays from
r friends at Wildtones -

Deb Rivel and Bob Goodale  
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