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Now Get Your Favorite Animals
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Issue: #1 December 2007 


What are you going to give your favorite animal lover this holiday season? How about the sounds and images of their favorite wild animals for their mobile phone? We have just updated our catalog with more chirps, howls, songs and wildness! From adorable dogs to wild bobcats, great bird songs and some cool and unusual animal ringtones and wallpapers. Check them out here.

This holiday season Wildtones has lots of new features we encourage you to explore. With loads of new content and gift options you can make your holiday shopping a rewarding experience. Gift cards, gift options and special holiday charitable donation packs are all available right now.
We make it easy to give fun and unusual gifts and help out animals while you are doing it because -- as always -- at Wildtones we donate a portion of every purchase to deserving animal-related charities. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our new wildlife ringtones and wallpapers, and start shopping for your holiday gifts now!

How to make a difference this holiday season

Alex holiday 1007Holiday Donation Packs
Make the holidays a giving experience with our special donation packs. When you buy a $24.99 pack, you will receive an exclusive ringtone and wallpaper of the animal you are supporting and $19 will be donated to the charity. The Alex Foundation, International Primate Protection League and the Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund each have their own special holiday donation packs offered exclusively on Wildtones.com. Find them on our home page under "What's New." Click here!
Choose from supporting the KWS anti-poaching patrols in Kenya which protects elephants from illegal poaching with the Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund pack; help the IPPL support a silvery gibbon in a Java primate sanctuary who had been orphaned by poachers when they killed her mother; or help African Grey parrots Griff and Wart continue the amazing 30 year bird intelligence project at the Alex Foundation which has not only shown us how smart birds really are, but also uses the same training techniques with autistic children.
Give one of these special packs to yourself or send it to a friend! Who says you can't make a difference with your cellphone?

Now -- Gift Cards on Wildtones.com!

giftcardThe perfect stocking stuffer!
Can't decide what Aunt Sue or your best friend might want on their phone? Give a Go Wild! gift card and let them shop 'til they drop for animal ringtones and wallpapers! Offered at $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99, this is a wild gift that won't take a bite out of your wallet. Go to Gift Cards

Giving a ringtone gift has never been easier!

Send our animal ringtones and wallpapers as gifts! With our new gift option gift giving is even easier. Just choose what you want and send it directly to your friend or relative's cell phone. They get an email with your special gift message in it and the ringtones and wallpapers you choose for them. A nice way to surprise someone with a wild gift on their phone! It's quick, easy, and as with all Go Wild! purchases on Wildtones.com, it sends a contribution to our animal charities. Just shop and select the "Gift" option at checkout. Shop now!
Many thanks to you for shopping with us and helping our supported animal charities. A very Happy Holiday from Deb Rivel and Bob Goodale at Wildtones.com!


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