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Wow! More Wildlife
Ringtones and Wallpapers Just Arrived!
Issue: #3 March 2008  
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You told us what you wanted on your phone and we listened to you! We just added over 50 more wild animal and bird ringtones, alerts and wallpapers for your cellphone - and you chose many of them! High on the list are the wonderful calls of the Canyon Wren, and Wood Thrush as are new and different Wolf howls, Elk bugles and Ducks quacking.
We also added a number of endangered species ringtones like the unusual call of the Snow Leopard, the wild bass roar of the Howler Monkey and the Yellow-Headed Parrot. Oh, and we have a very timely ringtone of the really unusual mating calls of Greater Prairie Chickens.
Plus, we have added new wallpapers - some of them endangered species. Pair up your Snow Leopard ringtone with a gorgeous Snow Leopard wallpaper; or the Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot ringtone with a cool image of this exotic parrot. They join our adorable Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Cougar, Cheetah, Orangutan and many other endangered species represented on our site.
You can Go Wild! on your cellphone with unusual and fun animal and bird ringtones and wallpapers. And, remember that we send a portion of every purchase to deserving animal-related charities.
Sounds and Images of Nature on Your Cellphone  
Wildtones.com may be the best place to get ringtones and wallpapers of birds and animals. But, we also have a good selection of nature sounds and images. Transport yourself mountainsfrom the day-to-day with wallpapers of natural beauty like mountains and sunrises. Our sound recordists have been busy finding just the right natural sounds for your ringtones and alerts like streams gurgling, mudpots boiling, thunder and other natural sounds. Check some of them out...our beaver tail splash is a great way to let you know you have a message! Make a natural statement on your cellphone and Go Wild! with a little wilderness!
Did You Know?????  
You can get information about animals at Wildtones.com
Did you know that when you visit Wildtones.com, you can not only get great animal ringtones and wallpapers for your phone, but you can also learn about different animals and birds in the process? Just click on the animal's image or name, and a window will pop up with some interesting information about the animal you are thinking of putting on your phone! What an easy and fun way to learn more about the animals we live with!


Featured Animal  
Get to know wildlife with this month's Featured Animal
Red-tailed Hawk red tailed hawk
It's approaching early spring and many adult red-tails have already completed their nests and are getting ready to lay eggs. This Red Tail looks like he is ready to grab a squirrel or bird with his powerful claws. Check out the Red-tail's sound and description and make this hawk your March ringtone!
Giving a Mobile Gift Has Never Been Easier!  
Send our animal ringtones and wallpapers as gifts! With our gift option shopping for that special someone is easy. Just choose what you want and send it directly to your friend's cell phone. He or she will get an email with your special gift message in it and the ringtones and wallpapers you choose. It's quick, easy, and as with all Go Wild! purchases on Wildtones.com, it sends a contribution to our animal charities. Just shop and select the "Gift" option at checkout. Shop now!
Don't Forget About Helping Animals This Spring!  
Donation Packs
Don't just think about making a difference - do something! With our exclusive donation packs you can help animal-related charities and have a ringtone and wallpaper of the animal on your phone. When you buy a $24.99 pack, you will receive an exclusive ringtone and wallpaper of the animal you are supporting and $19 will be Tsavo Elephant BJWDFdonated to the charity. The Alex Foundation, International Primate Protection League and the Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund each have their own donation packs offered exclusively on Wildtones.com. You can find them on our home page under "What's New."
Whichever one you choose, you will be helping good people help animals and will receive a unique ringtone and wallpaper which will set you apart from the crowd!
Gift Cards on Wildtones.com!  
giftcardNeed a special gift?
If you're not sure what to give someone special, give a Go Wild! gift card and let them choose for themselves what animals or birds best suit their mood. Offered at $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99, this is a wild gift that won't take a bite out of your wallet. Go to Gift Cards
Many thanks for shopping with us and helping to support some great animal related charities. We love seeing you again and again at our site!
Deb Rivel and Bob Goodale at Wildtones.com


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