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Issue: #4 May 2008  
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The sounds and images of Spring - what could be better to celebrate?
Now is the time when songbirds migrate back for the summer and sing their gorgeous songs. Don't miss the chance to have some of your favorite songbirds on your phone this Spring. Just the sound of the Robin or those White Throated Sparrows relearning their song (yes they do relearn it every year!), can make every phone call a delight. But there are so many more great ringtones! The Red Winged Blackbird always makes us know summer is around the corner; and who can resist the beautiful call of the Wood Thrush? Don't be shy - migrate over to Wildtones.com now and find your favorite sound of spring and make it your ringtone.
While you're at it, freshen up yoiur cellphone with some great spring nature wallpapers for your cellphone. Our Robin looks so great in the midst of spring blooms as does our Carolina Wren on a spring branch. And check out our Leaf Beetle for a great new graphic look for your phone.
This Spring, Go Wild! on your cellphone with unusual and fun animal and bird ringtones and wallpapers. And, remember that we send a portion of every purchase to deserving animal-related charities.
Matching Spring Ringtones and Wallpapers
Carolina Wren
Celebrate Spring
with paired ringtones and wallpapers. We have lots of cool bird and animal ringtones and matching wallpapers - so check them out and give your phone the call and look of the wild!
Wood Thrush Ringtone and Wallpaper
Gibbon Ringtone and Wallpaper
Chickadee Ringtone and Wallpaper
Wild Turkey Ringtone and Wallpaper
In the News  
Deborah Rivel of Wildtones was interviewed by talk show host Scott Shalaway of WPTT Radio, Pittsburgh on his show "Birds and Nature". You can listen to the interview here on Talk Shoe - it's Episode 75. Deborah's interview starts at the top of the second hour.
Listeners heard how Scott met Deborah on a birding trip to Panama Canopy Towers in 2005 where they spoke about the plans for Wildtones.com. Once Wildtones went live, it was time to talk again! Scott's past shows have included author Scott Weidensaul and a live broadcast from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Scott Shalaway is a well-known naturalist, has authored numerous books on birds and nature, and is the host of several popular weekly radio programs in Pittsburgh, PA and Wheeling,WV.
And look at some of the press our Supported Charities are getting!
The Alex Foundation in New Yorker Magazine

The Alex Foundation in USA Today
The IPPL in The Post and Courier
Featured Animal  
Get to know wildlife with this month's Featured Animal
House FinchHouse Finch
For me, in the Eastern US, it isn't really Spring until I hear the beautiful song of the House Finch. With the males' bright red heads and strong melodious voices, these small birds make an impression during nesting season. But it wasn't always this way across much of the US, as they are natives of the Southwest and have an unusual history. In the 1940's they were popular birds for pets and illegally sold in the Eastern US as "Hollywood Finches". To avoid being prosecuted, pet shops released their birds into the wild, and they have done very well for themselves - now occupying most of the Eastern US. They may have done a little too well as they are replacing Purple Finches in some areas, but due to an eye disease, their numbers have been halved in the East in the past 10 years. House Finches do well around humans and it appears humans appreciate these energetic birds. Check out the House Finch's call and description and make this great sound your Spring ringtone!
Don't Forget About Helping Animals This Spring!  
Donation Packs
Don't just think about making a difference - do something! With our exclusive donation packs you can help animal-related charities and have a ringtone and wallpaper of the animal on your phone. When you buy a $24.99 pack, you will receive an exclusive ringtone and wallpaper of the animal you are supporting and $19 will be Alex Foundation 01donated to the charity. The Alex Foundation, International Primate Protection League and the Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund each have their own donation packs offered exclusively on Wildtones.com. You can find them on our home page under "What's New."
Whichever one you choose, you will be helping good people help animals and will receive a unique ringtone and wallpaper which will set you apart from the crowd!
Sounds and Images of Nature on Your Cellphone  
Wildtones.com is a great place to get ringtones and wallpapers of birds and animals. But we also have a good selection of nature ringtones and wallpapers. Transport yourself from the day-to-Sunset Birdsday with wallpapers of natural beauty like mountains and sunrises. Our sound recordists have been busy finding just the right natural sounds for your ringtones and alerts like streams gurgling, mudpots boiling, thunder and other natural sounds. Check some of them out...our beaver tail splash is a great way to let you know you have a message! Make a natural statement on your cellphone and Go Wild! with a little wilderness!
Did You Know?????  
You can learn about animals & birds at Wildtones.com
Did you know that when you visit Wildtones.com, you can not only get great animal ringtones and wallpapers for your phone, but you can also learn about different animals and birds in the process? Just click on the animal's image or name, and a window will pop up with some interesting information about the animal you are thinking of putting on your phone! What an easy and fun way to learn more about the animals we live with!

baby gorilla

Many thanks for shopping with us and helping to support some great animal related charities. We love seeing you again and again at our site!
Deb Rivel and Bob Goodale at Wildtones.com


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