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Chirp, chirp...ribbit ribbit...it's summer calling.
Pick up the phone!
Issue: #5 July 2008  
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Hear that sound? It's the sound of summer calling!
It's hot and muggy...so what better place to go than the beach! Just wishful thinking? Let your phone bring your favorite wild summer sounds and images with you no matter where you are. There is no better reminder of the beach than our raucous Laughing Gull ringtone. Feel the ocean breeze with the familiar whistle of the American Oystercatcher ringtone and its graphic matching wallpaper.
If the crystal blue waters of a lake are your idea of a summer retreat, let your cell phone remind you of those too short weekends away with a Loon yodel ringtone and Loon message alert. Maybe ducks are more your style? We have a new customer favorite Mallard quacking message alert and a Northern pintail ringtone and wallpaper.
If summer means the sounds of the Red-Winged blackbird and Sandhill Cranes congregating in the marshes, you are in luck - your phone can bugle and call with the best of them.
And, let's not forget the wonderful ribbits, peeps and choruses of frogs this time of year! From the deep hearty Bullfrogs croaking ringtone to the great American Toad trill you can hear the sounds of the summer amphibian population. If one isn't enough, go wild and get an entire chorus of Green Treefrogs for your ringtone.
Go Wild! on your cellphone with unusual and fun animal and bird ringtones and wallpapers. And, remember that we send a portion of every purchase to deserving animal-related charities.
What Our Customers Tell Us  
Who put that dog in my purse?
We get some of the most interesting comments about our ringtones from our customers. Here is one from a customer who recommended our site to a friend:
Papillon I sent her to your website. She bought her ringtone. Why am I telling you this? Two reasons. First of all, it's hilarious when either my Papillon barks or her cat Meows when we're in a store and no one can fnd the pet. And, secondly, the ringtone sounds precisely like her newest cat and we can't tell if her phone is ringing or the cat is complaining about something. My cat's reaction to my dog ringtone [is that] she looks at my shoulderbag and thinks I bought her a puppy of her very own. I am quite enamoured of the fact that my cell phone can cause such interesting reactions.
Darlene Arden
Author of "Rover, Get Off Her Leg!"
Want to have the same ringtones as Darlene and her friend? Check out the Papillon dog and the Cat meowing.
Matching Summer Ringtones and Wallpapers
northern cardinalCelebrate Summer with matching ringtones and wallpapers. Choose from an ocean of pairs of bird and animal ringtones and wallpapers - so check them out and give your phone the call and look of the wild! Here are a few to check out:
Northern Cardinal ringtone and wallpaper
Rooster crowing ringtone and wallpaper
Atlantic Puffin ringtone and wallpaper
Burrowing Owl ringtone and wallpaper
Sounds from the Marsh ringtone and Heron at Sunrise wallpaper
In the News  
Look at some of the press our Supported Charities are getting!
Meet Grif parrot from The Alex Foundation on British TV
See the IPPL at Buckingham Palace from the Summerville Journal
Featured Animal  
Get to know wildlife with this month's Featured Animal
Beaver beaverCastor canadensis
Nature's own Army Corps of Engineers is one way to describe this semi-aquatic rodent. We mostly know about beavers because of the dams they build. So...why do they go to all this trouble? The answer is simple - for protection from predators like coyotes who cannot swim out to get them, and for a place to live and store food for the winter. The sturdy lodges they build have two rooms - one to dry off in after swimming across the pond and through the submerged doorway; and another to live in. And, the ponds that result from their dams create a protective area of water to keep them safe.
Beavers can quickly transform a landscape by flooding it. While some people are not very happy about this, there are a number of ways that beavers are beneficial to the environment. Not only can they restore wetlands which helps many birds and animals, but the organic material in the dams is able to clean water of pesticides from agricultural runoff. Plus the dams help collect rich silt which helps farmers can use for their crops.
A very cool message alert is our Beaver tail splash. If you are in the river when a beaver sees you, he will slap his tail on the water like this and then quickly dive under the water to safety.
Don't Forget About Helping Animals This Summer!  
Donation Packs
Don't just think about making a difference - do something! With our exclusive donation packs you can help animal-related charities and have a ringtone and wallpaper of the animal on your phone. When you buy a $24.99 pack, you will receive an exclusive ringtone and wallpaper of the animal you are supporting and $19 will be Alex Foundation 01donated to the charity. The Alex Foundation, International Primate Protection League and the Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund each have their own donation packs offered exclusively on Wildtones.com. You can find them on our home page under "Gifts and Donations."
Whichever one you choose, you will be helping good people help animals and will receive a unique ringtone and wallpaper which will set you apart from the crowd!
Did You Know?????  
You can learn about animals & birds at Wildtones.com
Did you know that when you visit Wildtones.com, you can not only get great animal ringtones and wallpapers for your phone, but you can also learn about different animals and birds in the process? Just click on the animal's image or name, and a window will pop up with some interesting information about the animal you are thinking of putting on your phone! What an easy and fun way to learn more about the animals we live with!

baby gorilla

Many thanks for shopping with us and helping to support some great animal related charities. We love seeing you again and again at our site!
Deb Rivel and Bob Goodale at Wildtones.com


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